I am an illustrator with a BA in fine arts.

I am a huge gamer of new and old titles, and I play across all genres. If it's out, I have at least tried it.

My preference leans towards horror and western RPGs; the Dragon Age series being my current favorite at the moment.

Still pissed that my tablet is busted. I really want to draw. :( Damn, I wish I could afford to buy a new tablet. Even just a cheap $70 one would do. 

So now I’m posting some old sketches in memory of my tablet.

These were sketch ideas for the Bethany and Nathaniel commission I did a while back. Once I get a new tablet (no where near the future) I might use some of these poses.


Ever since my wacom tablet busted a couple of days ago, I’ve been really wanting to draw. :(

Why! Why did you have to break! You were only 5 years old! You couldn’t have lasted until after I graduated and landed a job? T_T

Thanks to everyone who suggested books to me!

I’ve just downloaded samples of all the books that were suggested, and I will be reading them tonight. ^_^ If you would like to suggest more, please do! It will probably be a while before I can actually buy the books, but I’ll at least have samples to read, and a list of books to buy in the future. 

Thanks again!